Community Room Policies and Procedures

To ensure fair and orderly use of the community room, the following rules have been adopted by the Doddridge County Public Library Board of Trustees. Any group may use the library as a meeting room, under the general guidelines of the Library Bill of Rights, without regard for race, creed, color, disability, sex, and political or religious affiliation. The community room will not be available for commercial purposes, for-profit events, religious services, multi-level marketing, or meetings of groups organized for the benefit of private individuals. All individuals using the community room agree to the policies and procedures and are expected to review this information prior to the usage of library space.

  • The Library Board of Trustees and the library staff will have first priority in use of the community room.
  • Groups or persons must complete a community room application form for use of the room prior to the room being reserved. Reservations should be made one (1) week in advance, but not more than six (6) weeks.  Check with staff for application.  (Special requests will be considered)
  • To Non-profit civic groups there is no charge.  For Private functions, the cost is $50.00, payable upon approval of application.
  • A reservation is not considered final until payment for the room has been made for private functions, or until absolute confirmation has been received for non-profit functions; until then, the time slot will be considered open for other reservations.
  • Cancellations should be made minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • A small kitchenette is available. Groups shall provide all of their own plates, cups and utensils.  Covered dishes, potluck, and refreshments are allowed.  Preparation of full meals is not allowed.
  • The person making application for the use of the community room will walk through the area with a staff member, noting the condition of the building, etc. before accepting responsibility of the building.  The key will be given only to the person that is accepting responsibility of the building.  This person will be responsible for insuring that the lights are turned off, heating/air-conditioning turned down or off, and all doors securely locked and trash removed from the building.
  • The user shall be responsible for any, electrical, or kitchen equipment used during a meeting.  Cost of any damages is the responsibility of the users.
  • Since the Library is a public institution, meetings should generally be open to the public, except for reasons presented beforehand and noted on the application form, and providing those reasons are made public and are agreeable to library policy.
  • The community room and equipment must be left clean and the room in the arrangement and condition it was found; failure to do so shall be grounds for future denial of community room privileges.
  • Programs for minors must have responsible adult sponsors. Publicity for any and all meetings is the responsibility of the group.  Library Director must approve any publicity material used with the library beforehand.
  • Users wishing to display or use items of historical antique, artistic, or other items of unusual value shall hold the library blameless for any loss or damage.
  • This is a Smoke Tobacco free building. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on library premises.
  • The library is not liable for injuries to people or damages to or loss of property of groups and /or organizations using the community room.
  • The library does not endorse or advocate the viewpoints of any groups of individual using the community room.
  • The Library Director is authorized to deny permission to use the community room to any group which is disorderly, objectionable in any way or violates these regulations.