Internet Usage Policy

The Doddridge County Public Library is supported with State and County funds and is subject to policies, procedures, and standards, including filtering and monitoring, required by the funding authorities.

Misuse of library computers by employees or the public may lead to disciplinary action and/or prosecution depending on the severity of the infraction.

The Doddridge County Public Library works closely with the Library Commission to ensure the safety of patron’s information when accessing the internet in house. All public computers are programmed to completely erase the created and downloaded files in addition to the browsing history that would normally be saved on traditionally programmed computers. Because of this, the library cautions against not properly backing up or saving work that has been accessed or created on the public computers as all data saved only to the computers will be lost upon exiting web browsers or programs on the computers. We advise patrons to bring removable storage devices, such as flash drives, with them when working on creating documents. Please feel free to consult the library staff for any clarification. The library is not responsible for any loss of work produced on our public computers.

Despite all efforts on our part to ensure the protection of our patron’s information, patrons are advised to use reasonable caution when accessing the internet. The library has no control over information that is entered into other websites.

By accessing the internet through the library, whether through a library computers or through the library’s wireless internet on your own device, you automatically agree to abide by the rules of the library concerning internet access. Failure to abide by this policy may result in disciplinary action, including the loss of internet privileges for a length of time determined by the library staff.

No illegal, unethical, or inappropriate use of the computers or internet will be tolerated. All patrons are prohibited from accessing materials considered to be obscene as determined by the library staff. All patrons are prohibited from accessing any materials considered harmful to minors as determined by the library staff.

Patrons are granted a one and a half hour session under normal circumstances, if that does not conflict with the library’s closing time. Time may be adjusted at the discretion of staff. Exceptions will be made for patrons who are using computers to access content related to school, resume building, job applications, or other content as deemed appropriate by the library staff. Library staff may re-assign internet computers based on availability. Overdue items or fines may prevent a patron from using the internet computers as determined by the library staff.

Before any documents are printed, a print preview is created for each user to review what the printed document will look like before it comes out. Because of this, patrons are required to pay for any and all copies made even if they did not come out as anticipated unless an exception is made due to malfunction of library equipment as determined by the library staff. The users agree to abide by fair use and copyright laws when printing from library computers.

The library is not responsible for information accessed by minors via the internet, and encourages parental involvement and supervision.